imperfect, eclectic, and quirky.

the human behind the words


I’m Sierra - first and foremost I’m a woman, a wife, a mother, believer and coffee junkie, but you probably knew those things about me already.

What you probably don’t know is I spent 2 years at college studying Cell Biology & Neuroscience before calling it quits, my favorite candles are by Owl & Bone and that I wish Fall lasted for 6 months of the year. I’m a homebody who hankers for exotic travel but doesn’t own a passport (yet). I’m mother to three with one to hold and two who watch over us from Heaven. Books are a place of solace and escape for me. I drink coffee like it’s water and prefer it to be locally roasted and sustainable. To be honest I still toy with the idea of becoming a professional sustainable coffee connoisseur.

I’ve been struggling for years to find my identity before realizing something incredible: my identity is a tangle of connections, passions, travels, places, experiences, dreams and ideas. I wanted a place to put all of those things, along with (hopefully) providing something back to the world around me, be that advice, life experiences or simply laughter.

And thus, Salt + River was born.

Salt is a reference to the ocean - a constant source of comfort, inspiration and magic. River is me - always flowing back to the place that feels most like home.