The Q +A: Married Couple Style


We wanted to start off with something a little more fun to ease into talking about marriage on a social platform, and to sort of introduce ourselves. So we decided to do a interview style Q + A with each other!


So, who are you?

I’m John. I’m currently a film student and prior to that I served 17 years in the Army.

Since you’re a film student, what’s your favorite movie?

Starwars! Currently the last Jedi even though other people whine about it.

If your life was a movie title, what would it be?
“How the Hell Did I Get Here?!”

Who would play you then and who would play me?

Him: Uhhhhh….Probably some B-Rate actors.


Him: You never said it had to be a blockbuster!

*cue crazy laughter *

If you were on a reality show, what would it be?
Survivor - Somewhere Warm

Does that mean you want to live somewhere warmer than Montana?

I mean, if you’re asking me to Survive I want to at least be able to be warm. Like put me in Fiji. In the grand scheme of life though I do wanna move somewhere with less snow.

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to and why?

I have to say Seattle. It has a different feel than other places - yea I know it’s a major city but it fits everything that I am as a person. Like, it’s got the military base but it’s got all the nerdy things like EmeraldCon and all the art places like the Pop Culture Museum. I love all that sh*t.

What bad habit do you have that you know you need to break, but don’t really want to?

Chewing my nails.

Who inspires you to be a better person?

My therapist.

Scott Kelly as a personal hero though.

Who would you most like to meet living or dead?

Honestly Scott Kelly. He did something revolutionary that pushed science to whole new places.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Him: Uhhhhh. Nerd, Veteran, Dad.

Me: (teasingly) Not “husband”? I mean come on this is a marriage blog.

Him: I’m doing the blog with you - that’s gotta count for something haha

What is your favorite thing about our marriage?

Everything. (Awww) Oh! When we laugh and have a good time especially.

What was your first thought when you met me?

Him: You pissed me off.

Me: (laughing) Come on I don’t want to write that!

Him: You did though! I was trying to do my job and you yelled at me!

(Backstory: John and I met when he started working at the same company I did - a local Hot Tub Store. He came in without any of the usual work uniform on and started moving hot tubs out the door. I had no idea what was going on! So I asked him who the hell he was and why he was making off with my hot tubs. Turns out he was taking the sold ones to customers haha).


Uhhhhhh. Who are YOU?

Your wife, mother of your kids, a person who is mildly obsessed with coffee and will stop to pet dogs on the street.

What are the things that you want to change in your life?

I wouldn’t change anything in the past - I’m too afraid it’d mess something up in the NOW. I’ve seen how time-turner movies work. I’d say put a higher priority on doing things that scare me, from simple daily things like ordering new food on a menu or going to an event that makes me socially nervous. To you know, big things like cliff jumping or starting a new business.

Where is your dream place to have a house/land?

Crap that’s tough. It’s between Ireland, Iceland and Leon France. But if we were staying in the US it’d be the PNW, like just outside of Seattle.

If you could be anything for 24 hours what would you be?
Me: Like…can I say cat? Or does it have to be a person thing.

Him: Anything.

Me: I don’t know.

Him: Aha! Stumped you!

Me: I think I’d be unafraid. Like I’d like to see what it’s like to spend 24 hours without questioning if people are going to judge me or something for my choices.

Him: I like that.

Who’s your personal hero…do you even have one?

It changes all of the time.

Why do your personal heros change?

uh pauses for effect, Because i change and so more personal heros reflect my own growth.

Was the blog meant to push you out of your comfort zone

In a way yes because i never really thought i had things to say that where worth it.

Why is this blog important now

Half because i changed my mental narrative and the other half i want a record book of my life and my family and i hope people can learn something from it all

What is your favorite thing about being married

Hmmmm its cheesy i get to spend my life with my best friend how is the hottie with the body

Why do you own so many notebooks

Because i have a habit of starting something and not thinking it is good enough but want to keep it any way so i buy a new notebook for a new idea

What is your dream car

Ooo! A jeep rubicon thats customized to be a jurassic world survival jeep

whats hardest about living with a combat veteran

i would say it is really difficult when you are having nightmares because i never know if you’re going to wake up thinking you’re in Iraq or if you will know you’re home

what has been hardest about raising a toddler

ummm trying to teach him right from wrong, in the case of hitting and not knowing what the right answers is.

what memory of us always makes you laugh

thinking about you (John) asking me to go into labor so we could get out of the military ball early! always makes me laugh.

And there you have it! Try it out with your spouse and let me know the results in the comments below!




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