Weekly Flashback

Whew! The weekend is (almost) over and tomorrow is a whole new week - and one week closer to our new fall routines. There's been a lot going on for our little family this week so I thought I'd do a re-cap. A few bits and pieces were missed by me on Instagram and something we did this week (like mine and John's training) need a bit more explanation!

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familySierra Ray
The art of being overwhelmed

Recently I've been incredibly overwhelmed; to-do lists, tasks, deadlines and the never ending attempts to balance that workload, love my family, cook them good meals/not always order pizza (sorry Domino's!) and make sure their emotional/mental/etc needs are met. Throw in showering, laundry, trying to keep up with instagram, cleaning the house and a general lack of coffee and you'll start getting a picture of my days recently. 

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My Favorite Brené Brown Quotes

Brené Brown's words are something I come back to a lot. So I've decided to make a collection of my favorite quotes of her's both for you and for myself to look back on in times of need. Each of them has the link to what book/writing it's out of so that you can check those pieces out if something really speaks to your soul.

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