Theodore's Kitchen Step


This past weekend we headed up to my parents house for a vacation and came home with this awesome, recycled wood Kitchen Step for Theodore! He really loves it and has been using it basically non-stop “washing” the dishes, helping me cook (mostly sneaking bites of veggies I’m cutting up) and just being tall enough to participate.

It’s also fairly small in size so it fits just fine into our tiny apartment and is really simple to set to the side when it’s not being used.

The process of making it was REALLY simple. My Dad used a step stool he picked up at a garage sale for $0.50 a while back and the side pieces are Pine boards he salvaged. So below is a super simple tutorial of what they did to create this awesome piece for Theo to use.


So my Dad measured the side pieces out to 18 inches each and attached everything with screws into pre-drilled holes. The Hubby then used an electric sander to sand off any sharp edges and make sure everything was splinter free and smooth. The finishing touch was to add a coating of linseed oil to help add a nice sheen and protect the wood, painted on by my Mom.


And here’s Theodore testing out the finished project! Between a garage sale find for the base and the salvaged wood this project cost about $1.50 to make. I love how it looks in the house too - the step has this great rustic feel and the fact that it was created for Theodore by his grandparents and his Dad is really neat too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little mini-tutorial and we will see you next time!