Pink Pink Hair

I dyed my hair pinkish-purple. It was supposed to be soft, almost pastel but it came out far more vibrant than I was expecting! There's no photo for the blog right now, but you'll be able to see an update today or tomorrow on Instagram for sure. 

There's actually still purple dye sitting in my hair as I type this! It needed just a bit more purple so I'm letting it sit while I write this up - multitasking ya know? 

Secretly I've always wanted pink/purple hair but always had some great excuse to avoid doing it. The reality is I've always been afraid that I'd be viewed negatively for it in some way that made me feel ashamed for my choice. I wouldn't be seen as professional, as someone to be taken seriously, or as someone who's still stuck in her teenage punk rock phase. But you're only 25 once, right? And hair dye can (almost) always be removed, changed or dyed over. Worse case scenario - I hate it and I dye it black. As for my photography clients, I want to work with people who can see past the pink and to the person holding the camera waiting to capture something incredible with my camera. 

I don't want to live in so much fear of what other people think that I never try anything like pink hair. That level of fear isn't something I want to teach Theodore either. So here we go pink hair!