Thriving Instead of Surviving


While I don't get chances to read as much as I'd like to, I've just finished "The Magnolia Story" by Chip and Joanna Gaines and whew! I really loved it both for finding out more about two people I've always enjoyed watching on TV and for the personal revelations brought about by their story. 

The last chapter talks about Joanna's revelation of surviving vs thriving and her application of it in daily life. I read a few paragraphs out loud to John and we had this moment of realizing how often we say the phrase "When we get through..." or "When this happens we can finally...". The two of us have this incredibly bad habit of planning our lives around these things we pray/hope will happen and I know we are missing out on amazing moments by constantly looking ahead of us, instead of around us. I've talked a lot about stopping and smelling the roses in life and on Instagram but I haven't necessarily implemented a solid habit to remind myself to do just that. More often than not I spontaneously remember to stop and take in life around me before marching on to the next thing I need to achieve to "make life happen". 

I'm constantly wanting to thrive while never really making the habit of letting myself do so or giving myself the grace to be happy in the present moment no matter how messy and crazy it is. Which isn't really that great for myself or the fam if you think about it. There's been a lot of times in my life I've been more afraid of what might happen in the next moment as well and that has really messed with my ability to endure any situation with grace/patience/joy instead of going into fight or flight survival mode. Most of my life has been spent in this fear actually and I'm just now starting to really break away from it, but that is a different story in and of itself. 

So I've been making some changes to how I approach all situations, be them easy or tough in a way that helps me/the people around me thrive. Literally repeating to myself "thrive instead of survive" over and over when necessary has been a big one of them. I've also been trying to remind myself that I don't know if the next moment in life will exist - do I want to spend any of them with a mindset of "I hope this is all over soon"?. There's also been a lot of praying for peace and patience for myself and my poor family lol. And the days have been better. The tantrums don't seem as endless and over powering. The future is a lot less daunting because I'm worrying about it less and focusing on enjoying the current moment. 

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