All About Theodore

I've gotten a fair amount of questions about Theo over time on Instagram, Facebook and in person. So here's a list covering all of the information we're comfortable putting out on the internet about our rad little dude. 

  1. When is his birthday? His birthday is in December

  2. How big is he? We aren't actually sure right now! His 18 month exam is coming up (though he'll be almost 19 months because of timing) so I'll update this after that appointment.

  3. Where do you get his clothing? Mostly Target, sometimes boutiques around the area or wherever family/friends get clothing from.

  4. What kind of diapers and wipes do you use? Honest brand for both of them. He got a rash from EVERYTHING else we tried.

  5. How do you maintain those gorgeous curls? We use the Shea Moisture Curl and Shine conditioner, the kid's detangle and the curl cream - all from Shea Moisture. If he needs a refresher post nap or if we missed washing his hair, I have a mix of water and conditioner in a spray bottle that we just mist his hair with. It seems to work really well for us!

  6. What kind of parenting style do you do? Fly by the seat of our pants + copious amounts of coffee. In all seriousness, it's a weird mix of French Parenting and like Love/Logic Parenting. If that's something you guys would like to see more, shoot me a message or comment on instagram and I'll write *aaaallll* the details.

  7. Does he sleep through the night? 95% of the time, yes he does.

  8. Do you still let him sleep with you guys? Yes we do! Co sleeping works really well for us right now, especially if/when we travel.

  9. What about breastfeeding - has he weaned? Nope! I think he's getting closer though as he doesn't nurse through the night anymore and only 4 or 5 times a day.

  10. Do you ever plan to wean him? So the plan is to let him wean himself, unless we hit 2 years old. I think I'll gently start to wean him at 2 (as of this post, he's 18 1/2 months old).

  11. When did you guys give him solids? We waited to give Theo solids - I think he was 9 or 10 months old before he started with anything but breast milk. We read up a lot on open guts and babies before deciding to wait a little longer. He wasn't super interested in eating before that point either, so I don't think we inhibited him in any way either.

  12. How many teeth does he have? All of the teeth he should, except canines. His top canines are coming in right now and he has one of his bottom canines.

  13. What is a daily schedule like for you and him? On weekdays John goes to work around 7 am, so Theo and I are up around 7:30 AM. We have breakfast and then head outside (weather permitting) for a stroller walk followed by time at one of our many local parks. We head home for lunch around noon and then have a nap immediately after. Sometimes I nap with him, sometimes I do housework lol. After a nap he wakes up and we do some chores. I'll try to get us outside again but it's been 90+ here in the afternoon and he just gets too hot too quickly. So most of the time we'll stay indoors and hang out in his room/playroom. Then John gets home and they spend time together while I shower/start getting food ready. Evenings are all over the place, but usually family time, bath time, nursing then bed around 8:30 pm!

  14. Do you plan on having more? Yes but we have no plan as to WHEN that happens.

And that's all I've got for now y'all! I'll update this periodically as I get asked more things/there's more to know that isn't answered frequently on the 'Gram.