Weekly Flashback


Whew! The weekend is (almost) over and tomorrow is a whole new week - and one week closer to our new fall routines. There's been a lot going on for our little family this week so I thought I'd do a re-cap. A few bits and pieces were missed by me on Instagram and something we did this week (like mine and John's training) need a bit more explanation!

Our week started out with me waking up Monday morning with swollen, pissed off tonsils and a trip to Urgent Care. Normally I'd go to my primary care provider for tonsillitis but they were booked all week with no wiggle room. They suggested I go to Urgent Care over the ER so that my tonsil issues could be documented by a new Doctor, for insurance purposes in our petition to get them to take this more seriously. Thankfully the trip was quick and fairly painless but man oh man do I hate being on antibiotics. Don't get me wrong - I'm really, really grateful for them - but I always seem to be really fatigued when I take them no matter how many good things I put into my system to help. 

Tuesday night my MIL came from the Eastern side of Montana and we all headed to the Farmers' Market where Theodore tried continually to ask anyone and everyone for some of their kettle corn even though he had his own bag! This kid. I also got to talk and hang out with Jess from @sheandwolf for a few minutes, which is always a sweet treat. 

Wednesday was the first day of our training and the longest John and I have jointly been away from Theo. I've been away from him for 7 hours when I was photographing a birth before, but John was with him that time and took Theodore to college classes with him haha. 

I've gotten a lot of questions about what the training is for, what we are going to be doing etc so I'll do my best to answer as much as I can here. Basically John and I will be working for the local University's Family and Graduate Housing as sort of management/community assistants. Basically we are back up for the On Call one week a month, and then we are the On Call's a different week. What that means is the Family and Graduate Housing has an On Call phone similar to when a Doctor is on call, that tenants and residents can call in case of issues, emergencies, lock outs, flooding, other people violating policy ETC. It's our job to answer the calls and respond appropriately to whatever is happening. So the training was for this, plus it was kind of an All Staff Meeting to introduce new faces (Ours!), go over policies, talk about exciting events and things happening in the future, so the whole staff was there which was nice. We hadn't met everyone until those days so it was really nice to just hang out with our new co-workers. 

Theodore was SO happy when we came home and was even happier to nurse for like an hour straight haha. Then he got all sad when Grandma Susan said goodbye for the night which was just the sweetest thing and made me so relieved/happy that they were getting along so well. 

Thursday was really similar except my parents stopped by the house to hang out with Theo and give my MIL a bit of a break. John and I also got to check out the huge new dining hall on campus which was massive and beautiful and very, very busy. But dang the food was good - much better then I remember! And I was in college not too long ago.

Friday was basically a recovery day/meal planning/grocery shopping/general errand running. We got a new tub of the Shea Moisture Curl Conditioner Mask for Theodore's hair. After trying a few other things/brands, the Shea Moisture is really the only thing that works for him. On the bright side, the other products work great on MY hair so I will be stealing and using those!

Saturday John and his friend Colton participated in the local Firehouse 5K run. I think John ended up 7th in his age category and Colton was 5th in his (they're in different categories) which was really fun to watch! Theodore brought his toy fire truck along and was showing it off. He also got to sit in the big truck and play with the steering wheel which made Theodore's entire weekend. He really, really, really loves fire trucks! After that we ended up all going downtown with Colton to buy him new shoes because his ripped a bit during the run. Whoops! Later on we decided to bust open the Keurig after seeing a viral video of someone's Keurig heater tank filled with bacterial crap. I'm the main one who uses the Keurig and I am the one with continual, unexplained tonsillitis so we had to see what was inside it! The Keurig has always been well taken care of with the descaling pods, vinegar rinses and regular cleaning but I couldn't get that video out of my mind. We busted ours open and found the inner tank filled with gross, white floaties, yellow water and lines filled with weird black stuff. EW EW EW! Needless to say it went into the dumpster and another will NOT be being purchased!

Sunday (aka today) we took some time in the morning to have some quiet time for August 19th, Day of Hope and remember the two sweet babes we have lost, and the children other families are missing today and every day. At some point we got dressed and headed out to the local Cruisin' on Main car show but it was so smokey from all the wildfires that we did not stay outside for very long. Usually we let Theodore run around at our small, local mall when it's not nice outside but he fell asleep in the car before we got there so John and I went for drive-thru coffee haha. Eventually he woke up and we ran around the mall before heading to TJ Maxx looking for a french press because you know I can't go a day without my coffee. Instead we settled on a stovetop coffee percolator since John loves espresso drinks and you can make regular coffee with it as well. YUM. Oh my gosh coffee is so good out of that thing and I love the quietness of it as well. Not to mention the fact that I can take it all apart and really scrub it clean with vinegar haha. 

The other thing that's been going on is a 7 Days to Soul Fire workshop with Jade Alectra (@jadealectra) that I'll talk about really in depth once it's done. But it's devastating and beautiful and world-changing all in one. I love it and I'm terrified of it because I can't avoid things I'm uncomfortable with while doing the workshop. That's what growth is all about though, right? 

So that's been our week! I know I haven't been as present on social media as normal and hopefully we will be getting back into a regular routine soon! John starts college week after next so it'll be a bit of an adjustment as we all get used to the new schedule (he's a film student for those who don't know).

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