A Love/Hate Relationship With: Baby Gear.


This is not a sponsored post - these are all my honest opinions

I’ve gotten a fair amount of questions here and there about products and companies we love for Theodore. I wanted to create a fairly comprehensive list from items we used when he was itty bitty to now, plus a list of things we would change next time. And before you ask, no I’m not pregnant ;).

Newborn + Infant

  1. Diapers + Wipes: This is one of the most hotly debated baby items I see between friends and family: what the best brand of diaper is. Everyone has their own opinion/preferences. We started out with the Up & Up brand from Target for about two months before Theo’s pediatrician recommended we switch to something different due to a never ending rash. We cycled through Huggies and Pampers with the same result before trying out Honest Diapers. Magically, the rash was gone! We’ve stuck with them ever since, eventually adding in the wipes as well and Theodore hasn’t had a diaper rash since (except when he got the stomach bug but that was a very different uh…situation). Plus the cute prints make me happy - changing butts isn’t my favorite part of the job so might as well add a little cuteness it right? A lot of people have also asked why we didn’t use cloth diapers. We actually have a set in our house that my parents kindly bought us. When Theodore was first born we didn’t have a washer until we moved - he was around 3 months old. So we were lugging laundry down to the laundromat or nearly two hours to my parents’ house. It just wasn’t feasible to add diapers to that as well. By the time we moved I had started therapy for my PPD and just wasn’t energetic enough for the extra labor.

  2. Clothing (Winter): The week Theodore was born was the coldest week of 2016. The hospital actually kept us an extra night instead of releasing us because the wind chill was -45! It was terribly cold to bring home a little baby. Cat + Jack from Target, Tea Clothing, whatever was on sale at Kohl’s and a Catimini Snow Suit kept Theodore nice and toasty. We perfected a blanket wrap after he was already in the carseat (we never used puffy coats or the snow suit in the seat) and used a carseat cover to get him from car to building on the days we had to go outside. The Catimini Suit was by far the most expensive piece of baby clothing we own and unfortunately he has outgrown it so we will be purchasing another this winter. Even though they’re expensive it made all the difference; especially this past winter when he was starting to walk and wanted to play in the snow. We’ve kept his old one for any future munchkins as well. We have had a HARD time finding clothing for him at thrift stores so most of his stuff was new, some hand me downs from friends who’s son is a little older and some garage sale stuff.

  3. Hair: When Theo was first born he was basically bald from the beginning! The curls have really grown in the last 8 months or so. We started off with a generic baby shampoo when he was really little and discontinued use when it started giving him cradle cap! We just washed his hair with water until the curls started coming in. You can check out below for what we use on his hair now :).

  4. Carseat: So after doing a lot of personal research and talking to friends we picked out the Britax B Safe 35 Elite seat. I honestly really loved it even though he grew out of it pretty rapidly. It’s currently safely stashed away.

As a Toddler

So clothing and diapers have stayed the same as Theo grows up. We’ll be getting him a new Catimini suit and a solid set of snow boots this year too. Probably baby Keens for the boots but we aren’t set on anything. Below you’ll find things that we’ve changed/added as he’s grown up!

  1. Hair: We pretty much exclusively use the Shea Moisture Curl/Kids Curl products on Theodore’s hair. His hair is washed once or twice a week (even though he takes a bath every day) with the products and combed through to get all the knots out. Of course if he puts applesauce on his head, he gets a hair scrub sooner rather than later. We’ve tried several other curl products on his head and they all seem to be TOO moisturizing for his curls and flatten them down.

  2. Toys: we’ve tried really hard to have more non-electric toys in the house than flashy ones and ended up with about a 50/50 mix. My Dad built Theo a wicked cool busy board (instructions thanks to Pinterest!) that has been adored since Theo was about 9 months old. A push walker from Target and a Lightning McQueen are also running favorites. We recently picked up a set of foam building blocks/pegs from TJ Maxx that were a home run. Theo’s been more and more interested in building things, but wants our help with it less than ever. So we’ve tried to make sure and get toys that are just tough enough to where he has to work to figure them out, but doesn’t need our help every time he wants to play with it.

  3. Shoes: We have been able to get away with not owning many shoes for Theo because a ton of his walking outside has been this summer. The kid LOVES to be barefoot. So far we’ve really liked the baby/kids Toms sneakers. We did figure out that all of his shoes have to strap over the foot with velcro otherwise they don’t stay correctly/slip/give him blisters or just fall off. Like I said we have no idea on snowboots - a friend has a pair of baby Keen boots that her toddler loves so we’ll be looking into those. I’m hoping we have a little more time until the snow hits but who knows - there’s a chance that it’ll snow on Thursday here!

  4. Carseat: Theo changed to a convertible style seat around 6 months old. We went with the Peg Perego convertible and it’s been awesome. It’s roomy and the safety specs are really great. I think we are going to buy the extra seat cover for it to help it survive the snack stains better though.

Things we could have lived without/would have changed:

  1. Baby swing! Theo literally used it once and HATED IT. It was huge and bulky and a massive waste of space.

  2. Lots of the special “infants only” things like lotions, shampoos etc. Most of them are the exact same formulas as the toddler versions.

  3. Less clothing! Babies are messy, yes, but really we barely used any of his newborn clothing in comparison to the amount we had. Theodore was super picky about the type of fabric he wanted when he was brand new so he only was comfortable in certain things.

  4. Wipe warmer.

  5. Swaddle blankets. Theodore hated most swaddles after 2 weeks anyway, but he only tolerated the swaddle wraps with velcro before then anyway.

And that’s about it! I hope this was fun/interesting for you. I know (someday) when we have another child it’ll be so fun to look back on this and see how different Theo and his little sibling was as they grew up.

Thank you for reading xoxo,