Our Tiny Apartment

So this is going to be one of those boring posts without photographs for the moment, because I really have no idea how to photograph a home. But I will! Soon - Promise.

I’ve mentioned here and there we live in a tiny apartment - it’s around 835 sq which is huge for some and miniscule for others. I love referring to it as tiny though because of the cute air the word gives off. For us, the size is just perfect and we really can’t imagine living in anything much bigger.

When Theodore was 3 months old we moved into this home from a 1,200 sqft split level condo and the amount of STUFF that came along with us still boggles my mind to this day. Until we had to downsize to fit into this apartment, I’d never really taken a good look at all of the items we owned. To put it in perspective we have gotten rid of (donated/sold) 14 bags of clothing, a box of toys, knick knacks and miscellaneous junk since living here. Yesterday was another purge of stuff, mostly random papers to be recycled. There’s probably another 4 or 5 trashbags of clothing that can go and a small garage sale’s worth of random items as well. I literally don’t know how we accumulated this many things that we simply don’t need/use/have space for.

I’ve been reading Whitney Leight Morris’s blog, Tiny Canal Cottage, a TON recently both for inspiration and tips on purging. It’s really helped open my eyes to the realities of consumerism, recycling and non-essentials. For example we have two toasters but not any sort of emergency survival kit. What??? Yea. That’s really not smart and I’m a bit embarrassed of it to be completely honest.

So here’s the major things we are going to be changing over the next couple months. The goal is to get these tasks completed before this New Year’s Eve and to start 2019 really fresh. I think it’s very attainable myself.

  1. Continue getting rid of things - donating, recycling, etc. - not just trashing it.

  2. Create an emergency kit! This will involve using items we already have and purchasing some new things including stable foods and water purification systems.

  3. Learn how to compost in a freezer or figure out a local composter

  4. Start handling our own recyclable glass. Our apartment has recycling for plastics and cardboard currently.

  5. Work on diet changes to assist with less plastic waste. This is pretty broad because we’re not totally sure how this looks yet, but probably leaning to a pescatarian diet, winter Farmers markets and bulk foods. More on this in the future though.

  6. Rotate Theo’s toys. This is an idea totally from Tiny Canal Cottage. Whitney has talked about rotating her son’s toys to help stave off over-attachment and boredom. Theodore has a TON of toys already. When I say a ton, I mean 5 or 6 bins full of TOYS. He plays with maybe 1/8th of that on a regular basis. So the first step is to really start weeding out what toys he never touches and then split the remaining toys into two sections. I think every two weeks or once a month we will swap the two sections of toys with each other so that everything is new feeling but we aren’t obligated to buy new toys all the time.

  7. Figure out some different vertical shelving that’s on the walls without damaging them/violating the apartment complex’s rules.

    I’m sure there’s more on our list but that’s really the huge things right now. Many of the changes are simply about how we look at the world and interact with it, and being more intentional about that interaction. For more amazing tips and tricks and to check out the blog that inspired this post please check out Whitney Leigh Morris and the Tiny Canal Cottage at www.tinycanalcottage.com

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