Goodbye to my Comfort Zone

If you open my instagram today, you’ll see something a little different. Me! And a photo of me that isn’t a perfectly chosen selfie but one that John snapped while at the partk today. I’d like to say that I’m always behind the camera because I’m a photographer - the truth is I am TERRIFIED to be in front of the camera! There’s something in my brain that is convinced stepping on the other side of the lens, is opening myself up for all kinds of awful criticism.

And it does. The hard part is - I am the loudest critic of them all.

Self love isn’t something that has come easily for me. It’s be a hard uphill battle and it’s one I’m still very much in the midst of. The victory is very much worth the fight though and I want to know what it’s like to truly, deeply feel comfortable in my own skin. That phrase has been a veritable unicorn in my life and I’d like so much to finally experience it. I’d really, really like to be able to teach it to my children via example as well.

John made a comment recently about how deeply comfortable I am in my comfort zone, yet I’m incredibly unhappy about the lack of change happening in my life. Translation: Get out of the comfort zone and see what kind of magic happens! I mean it’s something we hear constantly from many different sources but it’s on a whole other level when its pointed out by your partner.

So I’m trying something new. I’m taking the bull by the horns (the unicorn by the horn?) and going WAY way out of my comfort zone by getting into the images instead of hiding behind the camera. Not only will you get to know me a little more, but I’ll get to know me more as well. Win win!

There are other things I’m going to be doing to get out of my comfort zone as well and I won’t lie - making this list has me realizing I’m more of a control freak than I’ve been comfortable to admit.


  • Letting go of control, starting small. Particularly in asking for help more instead of trying to do it all so it’s done “my way”.

  • Get in front of the camera!

  • Try a new hair dresser. Okay this one probably has you saying “Whaaat??” I’ve gone to the same hair salon for a while - and I’ve consistently gotten bad hair cuts from this salon. But I know I’ll get a bad hair cut there so going and knowing what to expect makes me feel more comfortable (see why I said I’m controlling? Yikes!)

  • Buy different clothing. I. LOVE. FASHION. far more than I let on. I have a struggle with the idea of quick buy/quick toss clothing but I would really love to own some pieces that are a statement! Something that makes me know how amazing I look every time I wear it. Right now I wear a lot of John’s shirts because they’re easy and comfortable. NO MORE! You’ll be seeing a whole new side of me because I’ll be discovering it all and taking you along with me.

  • Skin care. I don’t go out of the standard box when it comes to skin care and my poor face is SUFFERING. I’m going to try a French Style routine that is totally out of my comfort zone because it’s so simple. How can something so easy possibly make any difference? We’ll find out!

And those are the big zones right now. I realize it might seem like I’m starting small but for me, these are really big steps. I’m so glad to have you guys along in this journey of self discovery. And thank you for always providing an amazing space to for me to express all of my feelings. You’re the best!