Mom Guilt: You're Actually Doing Great

This week there's been a lot of guilt in our household. Specifically, the dreaded Mom Guilt. With school starting, work building up all around and Theodore being sick I've been stressed, snippy and impatient. Not a great combination. Throw in some heavy scrolling on some beautifully curated motherhood/lifestyle feeds and I've been feeling like I might just be the worst Mom ever. I know I'm probably not but the little voice in my head has got some compelling arguments. 

Here's a list of all the things I feel guilty about this week: 

  1. I told Theodore "Just wait a SECOND!" in a uber grouchy voice more than once.

  2. I ordered out dinner at least once this week instead of making something perfect and healthy. And yes, it was pizza.

  3. Dino Trux was definitely on repeat so I could get dishes and laundry done.

  4. Theodore got an ear infection and it took me a whole day to realize that it wasn't just a weird end of summer/fall cold.

  5. Theodore has bruises on his leg from having to hold him down to pull his impacted ear wax out, revealing said ear infection.

  6. We definitely watched more Dino Trux and cuddled because he didn't want to play outside.

  7. Getting him to take his medicine often involves bribing him with a small piece of chocolate.

  8. I let Theodore play with his toys and just sat there drinking my coffee instead of actively playing with him for every single second. He actually seemed to enjoy me letting him play alone more than I anticipated.

Do these things sound horrible when they're all written out? No, not really (minus the ear infection. That one is gonna stick with me). The fact of the matter is the little goblin who whispers crap in our ears about how horrible we are at (insert whatever here) is a dirty little liar. We're actually doing pretty good. We made it through the week, this one's already looking brighter and you know what?

Life isn't Pinterest perfect all the time guys, it gets messy and we get stressed out and we order Domino's for dinner. That doesn't make you horrible. I mean really, if your kid will eat the veggies on the pizza instead of throwing 'em on the floor like they do regular vegetables, I feel like you're probably ahead in the game. 

It's okay to give yourself a break. If you feel like you're failing at something, take a step back and breathe. You're doing just fine. 

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