Fitness + Self Kindness

I don't treat my body, like I love my body. It doesn't consistently get the nutrients it needs, the exercise it craves or the kindness it deserves. 

I'm not sure how it all happened or how I got here to this place of not being able to appreciate this body of mine. There's a sadness and resentment thats growing because I can't do the things I used to - yoga doesn't come naturally anymore, hiking SUCKS and swimming leaves me breathless. It just doesn't feel right to me anymore and that is not a great feeling. Lately I've been using any excuse I can think of to not start taking care of myself - it doesn't even make sense anymore. I'm fed up with feeling like I spend more time catching my breath because I'm out of shape, than because the view in front of me takes my breath away. 

Which means I need to start making some serious changes since this isn't working. Obviously eating more nutritiously and working out are places I can and will start. But I also need to start being kinder to myself, to my body. To me this not only means thinking kinder thoughts about it but also starting and sticking with a pampering type self care routine. Relaxing in a bath, using face masks, getting a massage every now and then. For me a huge part of feeling good about myself involves being good to myself. 

On Instagram I'm going to join in on a few yoga challenges so prepare to see me looking awkward (and maybe a little majestic) in weird yoga poses. I know challenges aren't for everyone, but a little healthy push in the right way is really what I need right now and I aim to find ones that are more about heart and soul than who is the most flexible. There's a chance I might even start running with John (but I'm not excited about that one!). It'll be a slow process and I know that I will never be back to where I was - I'm not the same person. But I am very excited to see where this process of fitness + kindness takes me. 

What's your favorite way of being fit + kind?