A taste of our favorites, Montana Style.


We did a decent amount of travelling this Summer and with Fall closing in, I wanted to share a few places in the Great State that we adore. These are great places for a weekend type getaway - all totally doable before snow sets in! These are our real opinions about these places too, so you really can trust that you're in for a treat when you visit! Without further ado, here's a tiny taste of the magic place I get to call home. 

  1. Yellowstone National Park - I know Yellowstone (or as I like to call it "Jellystone") is a total "duh" when you're visiting MT but I wanted to share a few can't miss things from our point of view. First, food. I am a HUGE fan of the Slippery Otter Pub in West Yellowstone and they aren't paying me to say that. John's obsessed with their artichoke dip and burgers while I'm a big fan of the bison burger. Secondly, places. Even if you aren't staying there, taking a gander around the Old Faithful Lodge is always awesome. It's absolutely gorgeous and the upper decks are open to everyone; we really love watching Old Faithful from the decks. It's not as close, but it's a bird's eye view and is always much less crowded.

  2. Bogert Park, Bozeman MT - while the park itself is great, I'm specifically referring to the pedestrian bridge spanning Bozeman Creek. There's a new, sweet practice of attaching locks with hearts or initials to the bridge. It's heartwarming to see and a perfect place to leave your mark.

  3. The Lark + Coqui Mountain Coffee, Bozeman MT - while we're on the subject of Bozeman I highly recommend visiting these two places. The Lark is a really neat hotel that John and I have stayed at before. Every room is a little bit different and full of personality. Plus its downtown and close to Coqui aka my favorite coffee shop EVER. I recommend the Bee Sting - John is a fan of their pour overs and their spicy Aztec Mocha.

  4. Virginia City - John would literally take us here every weekend if he had the choice. Back in the days almost $90 million in gold was mined in the area, nowadays its a beautiful relic of the past. Many of the historic buildings have been kept intact, you can ride on the old train around the area or even a stagecoach. It's just the raddest blast from the past and we have so much fun every time we go. The pace here is also very slow which makes it fun for Theodore because he can safely walk next to us without cars blasting back and forth.

  5. Livingston MT - so many incredible authors and artists live and have lived here. It's a small town just west of Bozeman and also on the way to one of the access points to Jellystone Park. There's art galleries galore, western saloons, biking, hiking, horseback riding, awesome clothing stores like High Trash Boutique, Windy Peak Vintage (which mostly is online so you can shop anywhere!).

  6. Lava Lake, Bozeman MT - if you're wanting something a little more out in the wilderness and aren't afraid of a good hike, I highly recommend Lava Lake. It's a beautiful, pretty easy trail that winds 3 miles into the mountains outside of Bozeman to a mountain lake that looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. It's one of our favorites and I believe you can fish in it too.

And that's it for now! I'll be posting more and more about the stunning state we live in, but for now I hope you enjoyed this little taste of the Last Best Place. 

Photo by A.M. on Unsplash