Toddler Teachings Vol 1

I talked about the idea of starting a blog series dedicated to things that I learn from Theodore on InstaStories recently. It got a great response; so here's something I learned from my toddler today.

"Are you doing something because you want to, or because you think you should?" 

I was absolutely convinced we had to go to the park today, like every day, for me to be a Good Mom. You see I've always had this notion that in the summertime people take their kids to the park rain, sun, too much sun, July blizzard etc. I have no idea where I got that idea from nor why I was so dedicated to making it happen. The thing was Theodore determinedly said "NU UH" every single time I asked if he wanted to go to the park. Truth is I didn't really want to go either but felt like it was the "Right Mom Thing To Do".

I did something I don't usually do. I went with my gut (and Theodore) and changed our plans. No park.

We ended up going to the edge of the river (in the same park I'll admit) and playing for almost an hour before going on a trail walk through a beautiful part of town. It was so much more relaxing, I wasn't fighting Theodore to stop walking in front of the swings the whole time and he seemed to really enjoy the time we spent outside. So much so, that he took a three hour long nap afterwards. Without fighting me *gasp!*.

I had planned out our whole day based on some random idea that the park is the ONLY option for us to play outside today. I live in Montana! There's a huge amount of outdoor space for this family to explore and we need to do so. Plus we bought a nifty trail stroller today so we could get out and explore some more of the local trails around our town. Theodore loved romping around in it - which is saying something considering he screamed his head off in the other stroller. Plus I got some exercise in that I wasn't even planning on. Total bonus.

My lesson of the day? If your gut says don't go, and your toddler actually agrees with your gut - you should probably listen to them. Don't be afraid to do something different. 


Sierra Ray